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Founded by Edidio Pratesi in 1948 in Rome, Italy amidst the destruction of World War II, Pratesi begun as a family-run clothing company that manufactured leather costumes for the big screen. Later, Pratesi expanded into other leather goods such as picture frames, keyfobs and belts. Today, Pratesi specialises in crafting leather bags which still stand today as one of its most durable and finest product yet.


Materials used in a Pratesi handbag is sourced in the Florentine area that has a high concentration of tanneries which provide high quality hides. Plain and full-grain leather is used to create the solid and luxurious handbags that is iconic to the brand. 

Pratesi values simplicity and elegance and such values are reflected in its designs and choice of colour palette. The exquisite designs are complimented by vibrant colours which brighten up any outfit. The classic look which Pratesi has to offer exudes confidence and grace of the user. 


Pratesi’s unique style stands out in the field of leatherwear and is appreciated by many around the world for its perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

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