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Contemporary Elegance. 

Cromia | Mucarti

As the manufacturer of leather goods for renowned international fashion icons such as Versace, S.p.a, CROMIA introduces the same high standards and expert craftsmanship into its leather goods. CROMIA has its roots in Tolentino which is located in the Marche region of Italy. This region is known for its rich history of leather craft tradition and ancient artistry.

CROMIA is a budding brand that has captured the hearts of many and the brand is steadily gaining a loyal customer base in Italy and worldwide. Italian tailoring and finesse lends CROMIA its simple elegance that is unmatched. Be it Boho or the city, basic or country, CROMIA’s unique style caters to a wide range of personalities. Recognisable yet personal, every CROMIA bag is painstaking in detail and is made with utmost care.


The CROMIA woman is contemporary yet refined. Combining style with functionality, CROMIA handbags allow the CROMIA woman to stand out with quiet confidence. CROMIS offers classical and chic collections that synchronises seamlessly with the fashion trends.

Proudly Italian. Always Personal. The timeless tradition of handcrafted quality is the benchmark of all CROMIA’s bags and accessories. 

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