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MICHELANGELO was founded in Genoa, Italy more than three decades ago by an Italian man named Pichet. Since then, MICHELANGELO has established itself as a premium brand of designer leather goods.

Made from imported French leather and Swarovski crystals, MCIHELANGELO exhibits luxury and finesse. MCIHELANGELO products are a unique combination of exotic farmed leathers from crocodile, ostrich, snake, python and stingray. The leathers are harvested under strict conditions to ensure sustainability. MICHELANGELO's handcrafting process is also subjected to tight quality controls. 

The brand's signature style which blends bold colours with a variety of leathers is recognisable and extremely unique. The playful and vibrant palette used by Pichet makes for exciting collections, which are loud yet elegant. Pichet also pays close attention to the usability of his products while designing which results in functional yet beautiful pieces of art.

Adventurous. Daring. Versatile. A MICHELANGELO bag is a delightful masterpiece that spices up any outfit and is itself a fashion statement that exudes confidence. 

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